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Infrared Sauna Blanket (Pre-Order)

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Experience that sauna high and the many health benefits of an infrared sauna from the comfort of your own home! Now you can get your infrared sauna fix every week at a fraction of the cost.

  • Detoxify faster with deep penetrating far-infrared heat
  • Calm your mind and experience that post-sauna high
  • Burn between 300-600 calories per session
  • Sauna from the comfort of your own home




    All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Tauranga

    We will be back in stock on January 1


    How often should I use the blanket?

    We recommend using the blanket between 2-3 times a week however it can be used more, just make sure to listen to your body to see what feels best for you.

    How long should I spend in the blanket?

    We recommend spending between 20-40 minutes in the blanket each sauna session.

    How long does the blanket take to heat up?

    It takes about 5-10 minutes to get to full heat (80°C).

    How do I clean the blanket?

    We recommend using an anti bacterial wipe after every use. A homemade solution of vinegar with tea tree, lavender and/or thyme essential oil works great too.

    Can I travel with the blanket?

    Yes! a portable carry bag is included with the sauna blanket.


    - Temperature Range: 30-80℃ 

    - Size: 180x180cm (unfolded)

    - Material: Leather

    - Voltage: 220V

    - Weight: 9kg

    - Wattage: 400-500W

    • Pre-order and Save $150

    • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    • High Quality Material

      Our Sauna Blanket is made from the best and highest quality materials. From the waterproof interior, to the leather finish, you can feel the quality.

    • Portable Design

      The PureHeat Sauna Blanket is so small it can be folded up and taken around in its carry bag for use on the go!

    • Control Your Experience

      Your Sauna Blanket comes with a controller which lets you choose the temperature of the blanket giving you complete control over the experience.

    Detoxify Faster

    There’s a reason why you sweat A LOT in an infrared sauna. Infrared heat is a lot more detoxifying than regular heat. Infrared heat reaches a lot further inwards into the body, meaning you’re releasing more toxins, not just sweat.

    Calm your Mind and Body

    Remember that zen feeling after you leave a sauna, massage or a meditation? Now you can get that feeling from the comfort of your own home. Your PureHeat blanket will help to increase your feel-good body chemicals – resulting in an elevated and more relaxed mood.

    Burn Calories and Improve Your Skin

    Lastly, infrared heat increases your heart rate and allows you to burn calories during your sweat session. You’ll also notice some benefits in your skin. Infrared heat improves your skin by stimulating blood flow, increasing natural collagen production,